OCC - Caring for Our Kupuna
Funding NOW 

This summer, the teen ministry group from the Oahu Church of Christ embark on missions to offer support to poverty stricken communities in Honduras, youth Christian conferences in CA, as well as other developmental activities abroad. 

To participate in these incredibly impactful events, they are having to fundraise. They have once again decided to do an ECOS project knowing that it has the potential to benefit many, in ways that truly exemplify the meaning of ALOHA and MALAMA. We are excited about this particular ECOS project as it once again offers support for our kupuna (elders). 

This group of #ComePassionate teens will be offering their physical abilities to those whom may find such tasks too difficult to perform. They will be helping a handful of residences with chores such as cleaning, weeding, planting, cutting, hauling, painting, moving, etc. Our kupuna possess so much spirit and experience, interactions such as these often yield priceless results, and we love helping those who have paved the way for generations to come. 

We humbly ask for your 100% tax deductible pledge donations that will support these teens and communities both near and far.  Please help them reach their goal by May 26th 2018.

Costal/Beach/Watershed Cleanup
2018 Fully Funded  

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This project funding is a standing effort to raise funds so that our youth participants can continue to malama our coastlines.  The funds for these projects will go toward litter and graffiti removal, watershed revitalization, beautification, and education.  Our annual funding goal for this sector is $5000, and will allow ECOS to complete 5 separate projects.

Please help us achieve this goal so that we can continue to keep our aina beautiful, and teach our keiki how to carry it on for generations.

Happy Feet Campaign
17% Funded - $500 Pledged


Our state's growing homeless population is an issue that generates many opinions regarding how to remedy this unfortunate situation affecting so many.  While it is yet unclear as to what solution(s) work best, one thing is certain, the youth of homeless/disadvantaged families need our support.

ECOS' Happy Feet Campaign intends to alleviate some of the stress and worry for these keiki by providing them brand new footwear they can call their own.  We feel that covering their feet with much needed footwear is good for their soles/souls.

Through this campaign, ECOS will provide unused footwear (YOUTH SIZES ONLY) to this targeted population, for use in athletics and daily activity.  In addition to asking for your financial support, we are seeking footwear manufactures willing to help us touch as many lives as possible.  Our funding goal for this campaign is $3000.

To donate, please use the DONATE button which will take you directly to our PayPal account, and remember your donation is tax deductable.  Specify "HAPPY FEET" in the comment box.


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