How It Works

The three components; community need, support, and service are integrated into a ground breaking system (The ECOSystem) in order to heighten social consciousness and actions over broad demographics, but rooted in our youth. The ECOSystem utilizes an online platform where individuals can come together to make lasting changes to our shared communities.

  • Step 1: SEED a project. This is where our community needs are identified and defined.
  • Step 2: NOURISH the project. The local community comes together to fund the project for which they share a common interest and cause.
  • Step 3: HARVEST the project. Various youth organizations/teams/clubs/associations perform the community service, where in turn they earn the funds that are built into the project, but more importantly they gain greater social awareness and value of the world around them.

Self-Funded Projects

Through ECOS, youth groups are invited to participate in community service projects as a means to fund-raise for each group's own financial need.  This could be for sports team equipment or travel, group membership fees or services, drives for human services or community support, and this opportunity eliminates the need for selling breads, brownies, chili or other freezer fillers.  We can also stop putting our keiki in risky "fishing expeditions" along our roadways.

A self-funded project allows groups to serve their communities in ways they feel most passionate, and these projects are specifically designed and dedicated to them.  Self-funding of an ECOS project allows groups to approach fundraising similar to more traditional methods, like selling chili or cookies, however rather than them asking donors to purchase product they are asking them to make pledge donations.  Once these groups complete their fundraising, they will fulfill their commitment to service.  These projects benefit many.  We provide opportunities for these youth groups to work for others, and it gives us an opportunity to teach and impart ideals about civic responsibility.

Other important advantages to self-funding your project is project turnaround time.  When projects are internally funded, it could take much longer for adequate funds to be built into a project.  The normal turnaround time for a self-funded project is one month (from time of project designation).  Also, unlike traditional selling of products, participants of ECOS self-funding earn 80% of the total funds donated, opposed to 50% or less.  As ECOS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations are 100% tax deductable. 

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