About Us

Our Mission: “To provide community service opportunities for our youth to enhance their core values by raising their consciousness and actions for the world around them.”

The ECOS project is premised on the idea that our community is an ecosystem whereby each facet affects and is affected by each of the other facets. We believe that positive effects in targeted areas within our community will have an overall positive impact on the whole. We hope to directly impact the environment, the community’s social conscience and our youth's sense of responsibility and work ethic.

The ECOS project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that facilitates community service awareness, support and participation. ECOS, which stands for Every Community Offering Service, intends to employ an innovative approach to community service whereby the beneficiaries of the community service efforts are not just whom the service is directly targeted, but also those who support these projects and those who perform them as well.

Traditionally, community service projects and fundraising activities are generally done for an altruistic purpose. Community service projects are not frequently undertaken and fundraising, many times difficult with donation being solely for an altruistic purpose, is not enough incentive for people to participate or contribute. The ECOS project combines these activities such that in return for a fundraising donation, a group will complete a specified community service project. We believe that the combination of donation in return for a fundraising group completing a community service project will be a very strong incentive for donations as well as service.

Through trying economic times, it is our communities that are tested with cutbacks in resources in areas such as park maintenance and revitalization, human services, community safety and facility or environmental beautification. We believe we can fill the void left by funding deficits to accelerate and accomplish community service projects regardless of the economic climate.


ECOS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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Post - Project Reflections

These compelling letters were written by youth participants and adult chaperones communicating the affect their ECOS experience had on their lives. Please click on each link to view letters.

Alissa Kea : Na Keiki Mauloa U16

Neal Sakaue : Mililani Uka Elem - School Counselor

Kylie Calabrese-Kenny : Hawaii Heat FC G04