With 2017 now in the rearview mirror, we eagerly jump into 2018 with both feet hitting the ground with sprinting pace and stride.  Every year thus far, ECOS has achieved new milestones, and 2017 was no exception.  As we had community service projects right up to the very last week of December, our final numbers are still coming in and will be presented shortly.  However one thing is sure, we blitzed past the previous year's numbers and wait until you see what we do this year!

As ECOS has continued to grow and reach new heights every year since its inception, we find ourselves pleased and thankful for the opportunities we had to make a difference in our community and even change lives.   However, we also realize there is so much more we can do...  So many more people to help, so many more communities in need, and most of all so many more youth to reach/teach/inspire.  2018 will give us this chance...  One of our goals for 2018 is to become a household name and first option for anyone seeking community service opportunitites and needing to fundraise for their organization/activities.  We will make this happen!  And with your help we can acheive this sooner rather than later.  Contact us to join our team, do an ECOS project, or support in ways you are capable.  One thing is certain, if we reach our goals, our community is better than it was yesterday.

Here's to an AMAZING 2018!

Warmest regards, 

Shelden Saiki, President                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

So what has ECOS been up to???

So far, in 2017 the ECOS army has been canvasing Oahu from Nanakuli to Waimanalo, in areas of human services, environment, beautification, preservation, and more.  And we're not done yet!  This final quarter of 2017 will be our busiest as we have a lot of service on tap for our community.  They're not going to know what hit them, but they'll learn.

Please visit our Facebook page (keyword: ECOSproject) to stay connected and to see the great work our young citizens are doing! 



Goodbye 2016, HELLO 2017!!!

As 2016 has drawn to a close, we are happy to share some of our amazing opportunities and milestones we've accomplished.  January 2016 was the start of ECOS' second year in existence, and we set out to continue breaking new ground!  Our goal for 2016 was to increase ECOS' overall activity and reach in every way, and we did just that!

Last year, we were able to diversify our community service offerings and partner with other fantastic not-for-profit organizations such as Malama Learning Center, IHS, and Alea Bridge.  These partnerships provided us the opportunity to service new communities in ways we may not have been able to otherwise.  In 2016, ECOS was able to venture into offering support in the human services sector in adition to our more traditional lineup of community and area beautification and revitalization.  The feedback we received from the serviced community AND our youth participants were nothing short of life changing (please review some of our post-project reflection letters we received from our participants).  We will definitely continue these relationships and establish new ones in 2017.  Additionally, the "Self-Funding" project option launched in 2016 proved to be an incredible way to boost service frequency, engage larger supporting audiences, and increase funding support for the participating youth groups.

Here are some of our accomplishments for 2016: (all new highs)

  • 940.5 community service hours
  • 281 community service participants
  • 65 repeat youth participants
  • Over $8,900 earned by our participating youth groups
  • Total of 15 community service projects for 2016

This year, ECOS is poised to grow again substantially.  As we continue to establish new relationships and further solidify old ones, the process of seeding, nurturing, and harvesting our community service projects are becoming increasingly efficient.  This enables us to spend less time in the office and more time on the ground helping others!  We are excited to launch our new HAPPY FEET CAMPAIGN that will put new and much needed footwear on homeless and disadvantaged youth, allowing them to confidently tackle daily tasks and enable them to have the necessary footwear to participate in new ones.

We are already beginning to receive inquiries from new and returning youth groups/organizations hoping to participate in ECOS projects this year, so we are busy planning and organizing.  In order to continue growth and maximize our social impact, we need your support.  More people identifying community need, financially supporting projects, and volunteering time/effort, the more we positively affect our community... our culture.  So we humbly ask for your support of our #ComePassionate ECOS movement.  With your help, 2017 is going to be INCREDIBLE!

  • Warmest regards,
  • Shelden Saiki
  • President                                                                                                                                                                              



2016 Updates: New Campaigns

Aloha Community,

As we approach the last quarter of 2016, we are excited to announce two new ECOS campaigns!  We are currently working on a proposal for the city that would enable us to help beautify areas of neglect within our communities.  This proposal brings together various resources in order to find a solution to these areas with innovative concepts, improving the likelyhood for these projects to get done.

The ECOS "Happy Feet Campaign" provides much needed unused footwear to youth of homeless/disadvantaged families.  Everyone knows how quickly feet can grow especially in a child's formative years.  To provide footwear they can call their own may seem like a small gesture, but it's one we feel can go a long way in helping this population cope with other worldly and daily concerns.

We are extremely excited about these two new campaigns as well as continuing our more regular ECOS community service efforts.  More detailed information can be found on our "PROJECTS" page.  We humbly ask for your support so we can continue to make a difference in our community.

Please visit and LIKE our "ECOSproject" Facebook page so you can follow our community service activities and special event notices.

  • Warmest regards,
  • Shelden Saiki
  • President                                                                                                                                                                             



Aloha Community,

As 2015 draws to a close, we take time to reflect upon the events and opportunities that made it so very special.  January of 2015 marked the beginning of ECOS' quest to bring about positive change within our communities.  And since that time we have been blessed to achieve many positive "firsts" for our fledgling organization.

From our first graffiti clean up, first park clean up, first campus beautification, we bridged on to replicate and increase the frequency of these activities and the people affected.  We were fortunate enough to engage students from Pearl City High School and Palama Settlement, and student-athletes from Kalihi, Aiea, Pearl City, Mililani, Campbell, and Kapolei.  In all, for 2015, ECOS will have worked with more than 240 community service participants, paid those participants $5100 for their efforts, and in turn benefited countless others throughout the communities they live, work, and play in.

Looking forward to 2016, we are filled with excitement about the possibilities we have to improve our neighborhoods.  And more importantly, we are thankful for the opportunities we create to affect the hearts and minds of today's youth, nurturing them to become the civic minded adults of tomorrow.

Our goal for 2016 is to DOUBLE the amount of projects we completed in 2015!  But in order for us to achieve this, we need your support.  ECOS stands for Every Community Offering Service, and in order for our system to achieve its full potential, this is what needs to happen.  We need financial support to fund these meaningful projects, project ideas for youth groups to best serve their communities, and we need voices to raise awareness.  Please contact us if you can help in any way.

Thank you very much for your support!  May your Christmas and New Year be filled with peace, joy, and love!

Warmest regards,

Shelden Saiki


The ECOS project "Self-Funding" program is NOW AVAILABLE!  So what is project Self-Funding?

Project self-funding allows a group interested in doing an ECOS project the opportunity to pick and fund their very own project.  This means their project will be organized by ECOS, but the participating group is responsible for raising the coinciding project funds in a similar fashion to more traditional fundraisers like selling bake goods, event staffing, chili sales, etc.  However, what sets this fundraising option apart from others is 1) the group will earn 80% of the total amount raised (opposed to the often 50% or less)*. 2) the group will not have to wait for ECOS to internally fund their project, which can sometimes take longer than we would like. 3) the group will have a project designed specifically for them, enabling them to help our community in a way they feel it's best. 4) donors are contributing to a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

To learn more about this and other ECOS opportunities, please email us at info@ECOSproject.org or Stsaiki@ECOSproject.org

*20% of project self-funding monies kept are used to cover, and not limited to, the following: materials, staffing, permitting, operations, etc.


"We are very pleased to have partnered with ECOS for our campus beautification project(s)......which included cleaning, painting, and landscaping areas in and around our campus. ...This project took our standards to the next level with our collaboration with ECOS."

Dave Kawada, Palama Settlement - Recreation Division Director

ECOS Project - Oahu Church of Christ Youth Ministry

A handful of keiki from the Oahu Church of Christ preteen/junior high ministry were given an opportunity to support the homeless and disadvantaged community in Wahiawa. The kids prepared 75 meals consisting of sandwiches and fruit prior to setting out to the encampments near the Karsten Thot and Wilson bridges where there is a growing number of people calling it home. Our participants appreciated the chance to help others in need and learned valuable lessons highlighted in our abiity to be compassionate. This project was made possible by the Alea Bridge non-profit organization and Dot's Restaurant in Wahiawa. We would like to send a BIG MAHALO to them for allowing us to partake in such a worthy and impactful cause.

ECOS Project - Slammers FC Hawaii

On Saturday May 21st, the ladies of Slammers FC 2002 team took to the beach area around Zublan's on the leeward coast. Armed with rakes, shovels, trash bags, pensils, and some high tech gadgetry, they put in some incredible work to clean, revitalize, and monitor this heavily used and valued area. ECOS partnered with 501(c)(3) non profit group Malama Learning Center, who facilitated the coordinated effort and made it so impactful. We picked up and documented the litter, tested water quality from the nearby stream and ocean, removed some invasive plant life, and test planted some native plants for future growth. We were also extremely fortunate to have the Remedy Intelligent Staffing team with us as well. They not only provided necessary funding for this project, but also brought the team out and utilized this project as a way to give back to their community. This project would not have been possible without these amazing groups.  MAHALO!

ECOS Project - Na Keiki Mauloa (Self-Funded)

The AMAZING ladies of Na Keiki Mauloa U16 Volleyball team completed an impactful 2 part self-funded project this past Easter Weekend.  On Friday, Marian's Catering opened their doors to our young ladies so they could bake and package 300 oatmeal cookies for the residents of IHS' women and family center.  Scott Harada of Marian's and Dot's Wahiawa graciously gave of his time and knowledge to make sure this experience was maximally productive and the cookies turned out delicious!  On Saturday, the team entered IHS (most of them for the first time) to provide kitchen help and offer their Easter cookies filled with ALOHA.  The abundant smiles were telling of how valuable this opportunity truly was, and they earned over $1800 to go towards their summer travels to Orlando in the process!  We can't wait to work with these girls again soon!!!

ECOS Project 9 - Ala Moana Beach Clean Up

This amazing group of young people were the very first group to do an ECOS project back in January, and they have once again ushered in a new first by participating in our brand new ECOS Self-Funding program!  The self-funding program allowed them to raise pledge support prior to completing their project, which in turn increased their earnings for their fundraising efforts.  The group spent 2 hours cleaning our beloved and heavily trafficked Ala Moana & Magic Island beach park, filling a total of 15 large garbage bags worth of litter, much of which being single use plastics like bags, bottles, utensils, and containers.  A bottle cap differnce in a sea of bottle caps, maybe...  But these young people are surely less likely to contribute to the ever growing number of plastics littering our world, and that is HUGE!  Mahalo to the Hawaii Tourism & Lodging Association and Hawaii Self Storage for their continued support of our mission!


ECOS Project: Palama Settlement 2

The keiki of Palama Settlement's Pakolea volleyball program came together to put in some labor of love.  We were able to take two barren areas of their campus, and turn them into beautifully manicured areas that will only continue to nurture growth, physically and spiritually.  The kids did an amazing job investing a lot of sweat and muscle to get this job done, and the payoff is tangible to say the least.  Great job gang!!!


ECOS Project: Palama Settlement 1

On a beautiful (but hot) Wednesday, we had the pleasure of completing a beautfiction project on the Palama Settlement Campus in Kalihi.  This project, to repaint the men and women's bathrooms, was completed by some of the young adults enrolled in their valuable high school young adult programs.  Repainting the walls and floor not only cleansed the space of unwanted tagging and old paint, but it also signified new beginnings.  The participants did an amazing job all around, and the end result had everyone involved feeling positive.  These types of opportunities allow us to intereact and impart ideas of responsibility and consideration for others that we hope will stick with them in their days ahead.


31 civically minded young people from the Pearl City High School student body got together to clean up and beautify an often neglected area of their campus.  It was a breath of fresh air to see these students put in the time and energy to make their campus something they can be proud of.  One of the greatest aspects about our projects is we get to connect with our participants to talk about community needs, social behavior, and figuring out ways to give back.  These students in particular have their stuff well put together, and they provide faith in knowing they will be part of our next generation.  They ARE the cool kids!!!



The Abunai Soccer Academy has been very active in participating in ECOS projects!  Here is their Boys 2003 team putting in some time on a Sunday afternoon to clean up the park they call home.  We would like to express our sincere gratiude to WSP Hawaii, a global environmental professional firm, for funding this project so these keiki could learn more about environmental stewardship, doing for others, and how to work for their reward.  They did an awesome job, and the results were positvely seen and felt by all!



Things are starting to roll!  The Pearl City based Shockers Soccer club completed another project this past Saturday at the Pearl City rec center near Highlands intermediate school, the school may of the kids attend.  They did a fantastic job picking up litter and trash for two hours, and left the park much cleaner than it was before we started.  It still amazes us how much litter is out there, and these projects provide us the opportunity to not just clean some of it up, but also reshape thinking to help deter some of it from landing out there in the first place.  GREAT JOB GUYS!




This past Sunday, the boys and girl from the 2002 Shockers Soccer Club completed a their ECOS project part 1.  This project was a park clean up of the Kanoelani Park in the Waipio area.  Before they started, I asked them if they thought the park looked littered.  They responded, "not really".  After we were finished, I asked them if they felt the same way.  They were shocked by how much litter they were able to collect in that one park, considering it didn't look dirty to them before we began.  It's amazing how much one can find should one begin to look with open eyes.  This Shockers group will complete part 2 of their ECOS project later this month.  Stay tuned to see what they do next!




Our project group, the 2001 girls and boys from Abunai Soccer Academy, completed our very first ECOS project this past Saturday (Jan 31st)!  The project was an area clean up and wall repainting in the Pearl Ridge community.  We cut weeds and picked up trash on Moanalua Rd between Ka'ahele St and Kaonohi St, as well as on Kaonohi St between Moanalua Rd and Kamehameha Hwy.  

The young men and women worked hard for 2 hours, accumulating more than 26 bags of trash, and making a dramatic difference on these streets in our community.  We were pleased to present them a check in the amount of $500 for their fundraising efforts!

ECOS would like to say a big MAHALO to Dial Electric Gallery and Hawaii Self Storage for making this project possible!  We look forward to continuing our mission with our next projects scheduled for this month.  ALOHA!

To see images from our project please visit our ECOSproject Facebook page.




ECOS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

What is ECOS?
The ECOS Project (which stands for Every Community Offering Service) is a not-for-profit organization that facilitates community service through a unique synergistic system. This three part system integrates community need, community support, and community service for the betterment of all.
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